If you are not comfortable with networking, here are 25 networking tips that will help you connect with people proactively. While you may be on a mission to get a job, new client or some other goal, networking is about making a genuine connection with others.

Sandy Leary is a resume writer who composes memorable resumes and cover letter and she shared her list of 25 networking tips that will help you be more successful.

  1. Start BEFORE you need it!
  2. Learn about people’s goals
  3. Connect people you do know
  4. Give MORE than you expect to receive
  5. Be genuinely interested
  6. ALWAYS follow up
  7. Know people in different worlds
  9. Be authentic
  10. Take the initiative
  11. Always stay in touch
  12. Be personal
  13. Be humble
  14. ALWAYS say thanks
  15. Do your homework
  16. Express your enthusiasm
  17. Promote your purpose more than yourself
  18. Join associations
  19. Attend conferences
  20. Leverage the networks of others
  21. Act with integrity
  22. Build close relationships
  23. Ask for what you want
  24. Create a personal board of advisors
  25. Write things down

Don’t let this list of networking tips overwhelm you. Prioritize the ones that you want to work on first and then slowly make your way through the list. If you are located in Rochester, NY – here’s a list of networking events that you may find helpful.

And remember the first tip – start before you need it!